iS Rate that wine

Rating wine has, for a long time, been considered the domain of wine experts.

iS Rate that wine will enable anyone to rate a wine in three very easy steps.

Rating wine has many advantages including:
  • You can improve your ability to analyse and appreciate wines.
  • You can compare your assessment with that of experts – especially those who use one of the iS Winescales.
  • You can become a valuable contributor to wine sites and Apps where users are invited to rate a wine.

How to rate a wine in three easy steps

There are three basic steps to rating a wine. The more you become involved in wine rating the more expert you will become at rating wines based upon your personal palate.

Assess the wine’s visual appearance, aroma, palate and finish.

Is the Wine Good or Not so Good?

Which category of good or not so good do you allocate to the wine?


Assessment Category
Good Good, Great or Exceptional?
Not so good Ordinary, Disappointing or Unacceptable?


Note: For many wine drinkers Step 2 is as far as they wish to go. For example, if a wine is rated as Great then it may not matter to them which category of Great it is placed into. Great simply means it is better than Good and less than Exceptional.
Many wine drinkers may be happy to use only six categories Exceptional; Great; Good; Average; Okay & Unacceptable.

This Step is for wine drinkers who wish to achieve greater differentiation within each of the key categories above and allocate a score to a wine (iS10 Winescale Points).


For each Category in Step 2 (above), a position within that category should be nominated.


Category Position (Select 1 position) Score
Exceptional Magnificent 10.0
Top End 9.5
Middle Range 9.0
Lower End 8.5
Great Top End 8.0
Middle Range 7.5
Lower End 7.0
Good Top End 6.5
Middle Range 6.0
Lower End 5.5
Ordinary Top End 5.0
Middle Range 4.5
Lower End 4.0
Disappointing Top End 3.5
Middle Range 3.0
Lower End 2.5
Unacceptable Top End 2.0
Middle Range 1.5
Lower End 1.0
Terrible 0.5


Rule of Thumb for Wine Enthusiasts

Wine reviewers and wine educators will have their own systems for classifying wines into Good; Great and Exceptional.


A basic rule of thumb for wine enthusiasts is:


A Good Wine – should be a Well-Balanced wine
A Great Wine – should have Balance and Depth
An Exceptional Wine (including a Magnificent Wine) – should have Balance, Depth and Complexity.


One of the great benefits of iS Rate That Wine is the ability for wine enthusiasts to compare their assessment of wines with those of their favourite reviewers in the knowledge that the wines have been assessed using exactly the same scale.

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