iS6 Winescale

The optimal international Scoring scale for User Reviews and Broad Score Professional Reviews

The iS6 scale is the ideal scoring system for user reviews and feedback and also for professional reviewers where broad scores are preferred (e.g. wine journalists). It combines clear communication of quality with an easy to use and understand scale.


The iS6 scale consists of the six core categories used by professional reviewers (iS10 Winescale). Regardless of the symbol used by a service provider the definition for each allocation of symbols is crystal clear.


Licensed users can select the symbol of their choice. For example:


★ ■ ▲ ●

iSWinescale Quality Description
●●●●●● Exceptional
●●●●●○ Great
●●●●○○ Good
●●●○○○ Ordinary
●●○○○○ Disappointing
●○○○○○ Unacceptable
NR Not Rated


  • Utilises the six clearly defined quality categories of the professional iS10 Winescale
  • Directly comparable with scores from professional reviewers using the iS10 Winescale
  • Directly comparable with scores from the basic iS5 Winescale for User Reviews.
  • Ideal for customer ratings on websites and Apps.


If your website or App invites customers to provide a rating, the iS6 Winescale is the ultimate in clarity and understandability. The correlation between the iS6 Winescale and the iS10 Winescale enables wine enthusiasts to easily compare their scores to those of professional reviewers.

Achieve the highest standard in communicating to readers and also providing customer feedback results.