Compare iS Winescales

One of the greatest benefits of the iS Winescale system is the ability to directly compare the three different scales.

This means that the score allocated by a professional reviewer using the iS10 Winescale can be compared to the score allocated by a user of either the iS6 Winescale or the iS5 Winescale.


Wine lovers can compare their individual scores with those of other wine lovers and also with the scores allocated by wine experts from around the world.


Everyone uses a common “language” for scoring with clearly defined descriptions ensuring there will be no confusion. Of course there is always room for different views but these differences are clearly categorised.

The three iS Winescales can be compared as follows:


iS10 iS6 iS5 Quality Description Position in category (iS10 scale only)
iS 10.0 ●●●●●● Magnificent
iS 9.5 ●●●●●● Exceptional Top end of Exceptional
iS 9.0 ●●●●●● Exceptional Mid range of Exceptional
iS 8.5 ●●●●●● Exceptional Lower end of Exceptional
iS 8.0 ●●●●●○   Great Top end of Great
iS 7.5 ●●●●●○   Great Mid range of Great
iS 7.0 ●●●●●○   Great Lower end of Great
iS 6.5 ●●●●○○    Good Top end of Good
iS 6.0 ●●●●○○    Good Mid range of Good
iS 5.5 ●●●●○○    Good Lower end of Good
iS 5.0 ●●●○○○ Ordinary Top end of Ordinary
iS 4.5 ●●●○○○      Ordinary Mid range of Ordinary
iS 4.0 ●●●○○○ Ordinary Lower end of Ordinary
iS 3.5 ●●○○○○     Disappointing Top end of Disappointing
iS 3.0 ●●○○○○     Disappointing Mid range of Disappointing
iS 2.5 ●●○○○○     Disappointing Lower end of Disappointing
iS 2.0 ●○○○○○     Unacceptable Top end of Unacceptable
iS 1.5 ●○○○○○     Unacceptable Mid range of Unacceptable
iS 1.0 ●○○○○○     Unacceptable Lower end of Unacceptable
iS 0.5 ●○○○○○     Terrible
iS 0.0 NR NR Not Rated

Rating wine has been considered the domain of wine experts for a long time.
The iS Winescale enables anyone to rate wine in 3 easy steps. Try it now!