The international
Standard Rating
system for
wine quality

Bring real meaning, clarity and comparability to your ratings. Adopt an iS Winescale today.

Achieve higher circulation and enhanced reader loyalty.

The iS10 Winescale provides all professional reviewers with a clearly defined scoring system that enhances their communication to their readers and enables reviews from different professional reviewers to be compared.

Key Benefits
  • The iS10 Winescale is a 10 point winescale with 0.5 intervals – the easiest winescale for wine-lovers to understand
  • Each interval is clearly defined
  • Reviews from different reviewers are directly comparable
  • Wine-lovers can compare their scores directly with the scores of their favourite reviewers

Gain more customers and provide greater value.

Customer feedback, in the form of user ratings are more meaningful and relevant when the user ratings are clearly defined and readily understood.

Key Benefits
  • An easy to adopt iS5 Winescale is available for those websites and Apps currently using a five-symbol feedback system.
  • Each score is clearly defined
  • Feedback scores can be compared to those of professional reviewers

Give deeper meaning to all your reviews and make user reviews directly comparable to expert reviews.

A simple to use and understand Winescale that aligns perfectly with the more detailed iS10 scale used by professional reviewers.

Key Benefits
  • A customer ratings system that is directly comparable to that of professional reviewers
  • Each score is clearly defined
  • Composed of the six core categories of the professional iS10 Winescale
  • Matches the first two steps of the “Rate Any Wine in 3 easy steps” system for wine lovers

Rating wine has been considered the domain of wine experts for a long time.
The iS10 Winescale enables anyone to rate wine in 3 easy steps. Try it now!