iS5 Winescale

Gain more customers and provide greater value.

The iS5 Winescale brings definition and understanding to the websites and Apps of those companies already using a five symbol system. It is perfect for clearly communicating user reviews for established websites and Apps.


Licensed users can select the symbol of their choice. For example:


★ ■ ▲ ●

iSWinescale Quality Description
★★★★★ Exceptional
★★★★ Great
★★★ Good
★★ Disappointing
NR Not Rated


  • Five clearly defined quality categories
  • Directly comparable to both the iS10 Winescale and the iS6 Winescale
  • Perfect for businesses already using a five symbol rating system


Many popular wine rating websites and Apps use a 5 symbol score that enables users to rate products or services. The symbol used may be a star, a circle, a square or some other symbol.


Some of these websites and Apps do NOT define what is meant by each symbol. The lack of clearly defined meanings for the symbols allocated as a score could result in customers interpreting a different meaning for a score to the meaning intended by the scorers.


For example, do three stars out of a possible five mean average, good or very good?


The iS5 Winescale resolves these issues by providing explicitly clear definitions for all five symbol categories (1 – 5 symbols).

Bring clarity and consistency to your existing five symbol rating system.