Adopt an iS Winescale

We want everyone to adopt the iS Winescale system and make communication between all wine lovers (from novice to expert) clear, transparent and comparable. All we ask is that you show the three key components when you show a score – the scale you use (iS10, iS6 or iS5); the score you allocate and the one word descriptor with that score. See examples below.

Also, if you are a wine professional* and you adopt the iS Winescale system we would love you to let us know and provide feedback. (

*MWs; reviewer; journalist; educator; wine judge; sommelier; or anyone involved in a professional capacity within the wine industry.


Adopting an iS Winescale brings greater clarity and comparability to wine assessments from professional reviewers.


  • Communicate a clear and comparable assessment using the iS international standard rating system for wine quality.
  • Demonstrate an enhanced level of international professionalism by prefixing each score with the relevant iS Winescale logo and using the relevant iS descriptor.
    (Example iS10 7.5 pts Great wine.)
  • Readers can readily compare scores from professional reviewers who use an iS Winescale.
  • Help wine lovers improve their level of wine appreciation by enabling them to compare their own scores (iS Rate that Wine) to the score of their favourite reviewer. Reading the professional reviewers commentary can then help the wine lover identify reasons for any differences between their scores and that of the professional reviewer. This can help wine lovers improve their wine tasting skills.

Score Formatting

iS Winescale requires users to display scores in a specific format. This will ensure that direct comparisons can be made regardless of the source of a score.

iS10 format
Scale + Score + Quality Description
Example: iS10 8.0 Great


iS format
Scale + Symbols + Quality Description
Example: iS6 ●●●○○○ Ordinary


iS5  format
Scale + symbols + Quality Description
Example:   iS5 ★★★☆☆ Good


Note: Where colour is not available the iS logo should be shown in black.


Users may select the symbol of their choice for iS6 and iS5 providing the symbol is not deemed as offensive by iS Winescale.


Should you wish to use a symbol, other than the four authorised symbols shown below, we ask that you seek permission for a non-standard symbol by contacting us at  Authorised symbols ★ ■ ▲ ●

Rating wine has been considered the domain of wine experts for a long time.
The iS10 Winescale enables anyone to rate wine in 3 easy steps. Try it now!